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Camouflage Technology

Orion Design Group (ODG) ODTDM-2 Arid-Environment/Multi-Environment/Multi-Terrain/Multispectral Military Combat Camo (Camouflage) Pattern/”Individual Signature Management” Technology Makes Cover of SureFire “Combat Tactics” Magazine Fall 2011 Issue (Photo!)

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com November 17, 2011 Last edited/updated on 11/18/11. DefenseReview (DR) readers may or may not be aware that your humble correspondent has three articles in the current issue of SureFire Combat Tactics Magazine (Fall 2011 issue) titled “Looking for a Ghost in a Haystack”, “Vital & Virtuous: Colt’s M4”, and the cover gun ... Read More »

BAE Systems ADAPTIV Hexagonal Pixelated Thermal/IR (Infared)/Multispectral Adaptive Camouflage/Invisibility Cloaking System/Vehicle Armor System for Infantry Ground Vehicles (Armored Vehicles, APCs and Main Battle Tanks), Aircraft (Helicopters and Fixe-Wing), Ships and Structures/Buildings: Active Camouflage for Vehicles Gets Real

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com Photo(s) Credit: BAE Systems September 19, 2011 Speaking of BAE Systems, they're currently developing a thermal/IR (infrared) adaptive camouflage/"invisibility cloak" technology/sytem called ADAPTIV. Catchy. Adaptiv is comprised of sheets of hexagonal "pixels"/panels that "can change temperature very rapidly". ADAPTIV (as in "adaptive camouflage") would appear to work in a similar fashion as ... Read More »

DR Exclusive Interview!: HyperStealth Quantum Stealth (QS) Light-Bending Passive Adaptive Camouflage (Camo)/Visual Cloaking Technology for the 21st Century Future Soldier/Warfighter: Beyond SMARTCAMO Color-Changing Hybrid Camouflage, Beyond Fictional Alien Predator’s Active Electro-Optical Camouflage/Invisibility Cloaking Tech!

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com May 12, 2011 Last updated on 5/14/11. DefenseReview (DR) has been publishing articles on adaptive camouflage/cloaking technology for military camouflage (combat/tactical camouflage) applications for several years, now. Well, on May 10, 2011, DefenseReview conducted what turned out to be a very interesting interview with Guy Cramer of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. about a ... Read More »

Hyde Definition PenCott Multi-Environment Camouflage Patterns (PenCott-GreenZone, PenCott-Badlands, and PenCott-Standstorm) Go into Production: Digital Combat/Tactical Camo for the 21st Century!

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com May 9, 2011 Updated on 5/09/11. DefenseReview (DR) readers may have noticed that we’ve been on a bit of a combat camo (combat camouflage) kick, lately. Well, we’re going to keep that party going with some info on Hyde Definition’s (HD) very interesting production-ready PenCott “multi-terrain” terrain-specific digital camouflage patterns. Strike Hold! ... Read More »

ELTICS Black Fox Active, Adaptive IR Stealth System / Electronic Thermal Infrared Countermeasure System: Multi-Spectral Thermal/IR (Infrared) Adaptive Camouflage/Cloaking System for Combat Vehicles, Helicopters, and Warships Coming soon to a Battlespace/Theator of Operations Near You!

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com April 25, 2011 Thankfully, there would seem to be no end to the Star Trek future-technology legacy. DefenseReview (DR) recently published a short article on Blucher Systems’ Ghost and Spectralflage anti-thermal/IR multispectral combat camouflage tech/hardware for infantry soldiers (Ghost) and combat vehicles (Spectrralflage), respectively. Well, an Israeli company called ELTICS Ltd. is ... Read More »

Blucher Systems Ghost Soldier Camouflage and Spectralflage Vehicle Camo: Multispectral Combat Camouflage Fabric Technology that Provides Anti-Thermal/IR (Infrared) Camo for 21st Century Special Warfare (SPECWAR)

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com April 19, 2011 Last updated on 4/20/11. A German company called Blucher Systems GmbH (Nettetal, Germany) is making and marketing an interesting thermal/IR (Infrared) camouflage/”signature management” fabric technology that can protect whatever it’s covering from being detected by optoelectronic devices, i.e, thermal/IR imagers. This very interesting fabric/material, which utilizes metallized fibers to ... Read More »

U.S. Army “Family of Camo Patterns” (FOP) Program Phase IV Next-Generation Combat Camouflage Competition Update: Army Camouflage Improvement Industry Day

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com December 14, 2010 Last Thursday, December 9, 2010, the U.S. Army Product Manager, Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment (PM-SCIE) and Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) conducted the Army Camouflage Improvement Industry Day at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in Adelphi, Maryland as part of of Phase IV of the Army’s “Family of camo Patterns” ... Read More »

Metaflex Flexible Metamaterial (Flexible MM): The Future of Adaptive Camouflage / Visual Cloaking Technology? The quest for invisible infantry soldiers continues.

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com November 6, 2010 DefenseReview (DR) has been publishing information on adaptive camouflage (a.k.a. electro-optical camfouflage, optical camouflage, active camouflage, chameleonic camouflage, invisibility cloaking technology, visual cloaking tech, visual spectrum cloaking tech, etc.) for quite some time. We’ve reported on both metamaterials (a.k.a. MMs, negative-index materials, negative-index metamaterials, and/or left-handed materials) research at ... Read More »

Crye Precision MultiCam Multi-Environment Camo Coating for Tactical Small Arms

by David Crane [email protected] The digital photos featured in this article (below) were taken by, and are the exclusive property of Click on photos to view them full-size. While we’re on the subject of camouflage coatings/paint we thought we would share the following digital photos with our readers. They’re pics of the (5.56x45mm/.223 Rem) Lewis Machine & Tool ... Read More »