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Ears-MM Soldier-Wearable Gunshot/Sniper Detection and Location System

by David Crane defrev at gmail dot com Well, it looks like gunshot/sniper detection and location systems just got a whole lot smaller and lighter. DefenseReview recently read about a soldier-wearable a.k.a. warfighter-wearable version of the QinetiQ/PSI Ears Gunshot Localization System, called Ears-Man Mounted (Ears-MM a.k.a. Ears-100-MM), which looks interesting. Ears-MM is a compact, lightweight and soldier-wearable acoustic gunshot/sniper detection ... Read More »

Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) Looking Good, So Far.

by David Crane defrev at gmail dot com The U.S. Army is so satisfied with the performance of the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS a.k.a. G-MLRS) in the theater(s) of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan that they’ve placed a $5.17B ("B" is for "Billion) order for the system. The M30 Guided Unitary Rocket reportedly weighs approx. 250 lbs and ... Read More »

An AR-15 / M16 Rifle with 95% Less Recoil and Minimal Additional Weapon Weight?

by David Crane [email protected] November 14, 2007 DefenseReview recently received an interesting document on a proposed recoil-attenuation system a.k.a. recoil-mitigation system for firearms, everything from infantry small arms up to cannon systems. It comes from inventor Dr. R.A. Zeineh a.k.a. Dr. Z., the man behind the first laser scanner and the AAE Cloaking / Adaptive Camouflage system for infantry personnel ... Read More »

Piasecki X-49A Speeedhawk Compound Helicopter: 250-mph Black Hawk?

by David Crane [email protected] October 22, 2007 Piasecki Aircraft Corp. (PAC) has designed and developed a compound helicopter called the X-49A Speedhawk, which utilizes a Sikorsky YSH-60F Seahawk helicopter as the base airframe. The Seahawk is a marine version of the UH-60 Black Hawk heliocopter series. The Speedhawk’s “compound” aspect is comprised of wings for additional lift and a vectored-thrust ... Read More »

Robotic FX Lands Big Military Contract for Negotiator Tactical Manipulator Robot

The following is a Robotic FX press release: Robotic FX, Inc. Awarded Contract for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) to be Used for Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Detection and Identification ALSIP, IL, September 14, 2007 — Robotic FX, Inc., has been awarded a $279.9 million contract to manufacture its Negotiator Tactical Manipulator Robot, issued by the U.S. Army. The contract is ... Read More »

‘Airborne Armour’: An Important Book on Air-Mechanized Maneuver Warfare

A Review by Air-Mech-Strike Study Group (AMS-SG). The following review is exclusive to DefenseReview. 9/27/07 Airborne Armour is a must-have book for understanding Airborne 3D maneuver operations, period. Flint is a superb researcher and writer and this book is a masterpiece. However, Keith Flint is also at times the typical whiny, turret tank dueler where every tracked tank is never ... Read More »

Ballistically-Launched Tactical Sensor Network for Infantry Warfighters

by David Crane defrev at gmail.com The September 2007 (Vol. 6 No. 8 ) issue of C4ISR Journal (The Journal of Net-Centric Warfare) magazine has an interesting article on The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) Expendable Local Area Sensors in a Tactically Interconnected Cluster (ELASTIC) initiative. The goal of ELASTIC is to develop and eventually field "a set of ... Read More »

APKWS II Precision-Guided Hydra Rockets: Here Comes ‘HELLFIRE Jr.’

by David Crane defrev at gmail.com All photographic images contained in this article were taken by DefenseReview.com, and they are the exclusive property of DefenseReview.com. DefenseReview.com owns the copyright on these photos. All photos were shot with a 7.2-megapixel Sony Cyber-shot digital camera (Model #: DSC-P150). September 17, 2007 When DefenseReview attended AUSA Winter Symposium 2007 earlier this year, one ... Read More »

Rafael M-TAPS: The Next Step in Add-On Multi-Threat Vehicle Armor Protection

by David Crane defrev at gmail.com September 5, 2007 Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd. (Haifa, Israel) has introduced a very interesting next-generation multi-threat passive/reactive add-on armor system for vehicles called M-TAPS, which stands for "Multi-Threat Armor Protection System". M-TAPS is designed/developed to protect Israeli infantry warfighters (a.k.a. soldiers) against the same lethal trifecta–IEDs, EFPs, and RPGs–as the Urban Fighter’s armor ... Read More »