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IDGA’s 3rd Annual Soldier Equipment & Technology Expo & Conference (Fort Bragg, NC) Starts Tomorrow (August 30)!

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com Image Credit: IDGA August 29, 2011 The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) is putting on its 3rd Annual Soldier Equipment & Technology Expo & Conference starting tomorrow, August 30 – September 1, 2011 at Fort Bragg Club, Fort Bragg, NC. The Live Fire Day will be conducted on the last ... Read More »

U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force (REF) and SOCOM (USSOCOM) Order 385 ReconRobotics Recon Scout XT Surveillance and Reconnaissance Micro-Robot Kits: $5.8 Million U.S. Military Contract Award!

The following is a ReconRobotics press release (photo(s) credit: ReconRobotics): Last updated on 8/24/11. ReconRobotics Awarded $5.8 Million in U.S. Military Contracts Miniature Recon Scout reconnaissance robots designed to protect dismounted soldiers EDINA, Minn. – (August 23, 2011) ReconRobotics, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a series of contracts by the U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force and the ... Read More »

Silencerco Firearm Suppressors/Gun Silencers Acquires SWR Manufacturing (Southeastern Weaponry Research)

The following is a Silencerco press release: August 16th – Salt Lake City, UT – Silencerco, the leader in firearm suppressors manufacturing has acquired SWR manufacturing. The acquisition, which was agreed to on August 9th, will serve the industry and consumers by combining the forces of two companies that have a common history of innovative products and superb customer service.  ... Read More »

Chinese Military Developing New Aircraft Carrier Tech: Is a Sino-Russian Economic and Military Alliance in the Works?

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com August 1, 2011 As if Chinese military-grade electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons, anti-ship ballistic missiles (i.e., “Kill Weapons“), and torpedo-armed submarines aren’t enough, enter China’s new aircraft carrier development program, consisting of “refitting” an “imported” Soviet-era empty aircraft carrier shell weighing 60,000 metric tons from the Ukraine. The shell ... Read More »

TNW SGP-QCB (System Gas Piston-Quick Change Barrel) Piston-Driven Tactical AR Carbine/SBR System: Mission-Configurable Multi-Caliber Firepower!

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com July 27, 2011 DefenseReview first became aware of the TNW SGP-QCB (System Gas Piston-Quick Change Barrel) 5.56x45mm NATO (5.56mm NATO)/.223 Rem. gas piston/op-rod tactical AR carbine/SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) weapons/upper receiver assemblies in December 2009 in a forum thread. We subsequently did some additional research on the system in early June ... Read More »

Chinese Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and High-Powered Microwave (HPM) Weapons vs. U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups: Can the U.S. Military Effectively Counter “Assassin’s Mace”?

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com July 22, 2011 DefenseReview (DR) started covering the ballistic threats to U.S. aircraft carriers several years ago. We’ve known for some time, now, that China is capable of sinking our carriers through the use of anti-ship missiles and torpedoes, or a combination of both. Fast forward to yesterday, when the Washington Times ... Read More »

Kryron Terminator Aluminum Alloy Multi-Hit Ballistic Armor Plate Technology by Bourque Industries: Is Nanotech Body Armor and Vehicle Armor a Reality?

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com July 17, 2011 Back in May (2011), Dan Power ran a couple of blurbs on Armor Report about Kryron Terminator aluminum alloy ballistic armor (body armor and vehicle armor), which was developed by Bourque Industries. Kryron reportedly recently “showed major improvement over earlier test results with the ability to deflect several 0.50 ... Read More »

Archangel Armor Internal Frame Load-Bearing System (IFLBS) Version 5 Tactical Armor Plate Carrier/Tactical Vest System: Lighten your load when you’re in combat mode!

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com Most of the photos contained in this article were taken by, and are copyrighted. owns the copyright on these photos. The photos were shot with a Canon PowerShot S90 10-megapixel digital camera (still camera with video capability). Three of the photos contained in this article (IFLBS armor carrier being worn) ... Read More »