Saturday, October 12, 2019
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Weapons Lube Issued by Army May be Costing Lives in Iraq. WABC 7 News Story. "Weapons Lube Issued by Army May be Costing Lives in Iraq By Jim Hoffer (New York-WABC, November 18, 2003) — In a four-month investigation that reaches from the sands of Iraq to the halls of the Pentagon, we found that weapons given to tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers may not work in the desert. All because of a ... Read More »

Important Message: Herb Woodend Needs Our Help.

This just came in to us from a friend of Defense Review, whom we trust. The situation is this: a friend of a friend of ours is in some serious medical trouble, and needs some financial help. If you click on the "Read More" hypertext below, you can read the letter that fully explains the situation. Of course, our members ... Read More »

We’re Back…from SWAT Round-Up 2002!

O.k., everybody, we just got back from Orlando, FL, where we had the honor of attending the latest SWAT Round-Up (2002). SWAT Round-Up is an international LE SWAT competition where SWAT teams from around the country, and even some from overseas, come to compete against each other in organized events that test their various tactical/operational skills, shooting skills, and mental ... Read More »

Less Guns, More Crime?

Sure looks that way for our friends across the pond. Find out the real reasons why England instituted their highly restrictive gun laws, and how they went about doing it. Don’t think it can happen here? Think again. You’ll definitely want to read this one. It was written by Glenn Reynolds for Click here to go to the story. ... Read More »

Announcement: NLETA Offers Free E-Mail Newsletter.

The following is an announcement submitted by NLETA director Bryan Cox, who is one of our members: "The National Law Enforcement Trainers Association has launched thier free E-mail Newsletter. You do not have to be a member of the NLETA to sign up to receive law enforcement training announcements, articles, product reviews and other items of interest to law enforcement ... Read More »

Back from Shot Show 2002!

O.k. folks, we’re back. We’ve got lots of stuff to tell you all about over the next few weeks. We’ll fill you in on all the latest guns and gear, starting this weekend. So, stick around, and get ready for some serious high-speed/low-drag equipment for your combat team, tactical team, or weapons locker. Read More »

Shot Show 2002 in Las Vegas.

Well, guys, I’m off to the show! DefRev will be dormant for a few days while I get into all kinds of trouble in Sin City with my fellow firearms industry brethren. But, don’t worry, when I get back, I’m sure I’ll have lots of cool new cutting-edge stuff to talk about. That’s what makes DefRev a great place to ... Read More »