Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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Tactical Blades

A Dress Tactical From Terry Primos

For their June 2002 Issue, BLADE posed an interesting challenge to five bladesmaiths. "Design a Tactical Fixed Blade knife that could be worn in a dress or pocket sheath, would be large enough to actually be used and yet appear non-threatening." One of the bladesmiths that they challenged was Terry Primos. His submission is a tactical knife with a 4" ... Read More »

Microtech Tachyon: High-Tech Butterfly Knife

If you like butterfly knives, and have $200 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, Microtech’s new Tachyon is really gonna’ blow your proverbial skirt up. It might even make a nice back-up to that Glock currently riding on your hip. DefRev doesn’t know if they’re shipping yet or not, so you would have to call. Click here for pictures, ... Read More »

New Pocket Fighter: The Pendulum

The July, 2001 issue of SAR(Small Arms Review) has an interesting article about a new fighting folder has arrived on the scene called the Pendulum. Designed by ex-Seal Team Six member Chris Caracci and marketed by GG&G, the new knife is definitely something different. To learn more about the Pendulum,click here. Definitely an interesting product.   Read More »

New Goodies from Microtech Knives.

Microtech has a couple of interesting new things for us. First, they’ve just come out with the “Amphibian”. DefRev’s seen a number of photos of the knife, and it looks very interesting. DefRev does not know if the second item is available yet or not. It’s called the “Ultratech”. It’s a hight tech out-the-front auto. To get the specs on ... Read More »

Mad Dog Knives’ Mirage X. The most technologically advanced knife ever?

Kevin "Mad Dog" McClung’s ceramic masterpiece may just be the ultimate high-tech edged tool. There are two models, the E.O.D., and the Operator. The Mirage X is corrosion proof, and magnetically and electrically inert. It also has superior edge-holding capabilities over conventional steel blades. Click here to view and read about the Mirage X at Mad Dog Knives’ site. Read More »