Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Tactical Communications

New Android-Based General Dynamics Itronix GD300 Rugged Wearable Computer/Secure Radio Enables Unprecedented GPS and Situational Awareness in the Battlespace for Infantry Warfighters

The following is a General Dynamics press release. As light as commercial handheld GPS devices, the Androidâ„¢-based GD300 enables warfighters to pinpoint their location, refer to pre-loaded mission plans and access secure tactical networks. SUNRISE, Fla., — Aug. 3 — Combining commercial global positioning and communications technology with battlefield-rugged computing, General Dynamics Itronix is introducing the GD300 fully rugged arm- ... Read More »

GATR Technologies Ultra-Transportable Beach Ball-Style C-band Inflatable Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Antenna Systems: Tactical Communications for Military Special Operations (SPECOPS) in Adverse Conditions

By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com June 21, 2010 Updated on 6/28/10 Outside the exhibition hall at SOFIC 2010 (Special Operations Infantry Conference 2010), GATR Technologies was showing off their giant beach ball-style 2.4-meter (2.4m) C-band inflatable satellite communications (SATCOM) antenna system. Made from a “flexible conductive composite fabric” capable of enduring “extreme heat, “extreme cold”, and “extreme ... Read More »

Northrop Grumman TouchTable + Zebra Imaging 3D Digital Holographic (Digital Hologram) Technology + Interactive Wall Tech = Better Warfare Ops

by David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com Click on photos below to view them full-size.   There's no doubt that geospatial information systems (GIS) have become an important component of network centric warfare (a.k.a. net-centric warfare). Military analysts/strategists, as well as those tasked with Homeland Security missions, have to be able to visualize geographic areas and correlate those pictures ... Read More »