Monday, September 16, 2019
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Announcement for Iraq Deployment: $170,000 Per Year for Qualified Personnel

DefRev just received this announcement (below). Global Security Source is currently looking for qualified security personnel for deployment to Iraq. Salary is $170,000 per year. If you’re qualified, you would need to contact Global Security Source ASAP, as it’s getting down to the wire. You have to be ready to deploy by June 30th, 2004. Here’s the official announcement: "ANNOUNCEMENT ... Read More »

BlackHawk CQC Carbon Fiber Holsters for Concealed Carry (CCW)

by David Crane [email protected] This new holster is definitely worth a look for anyone looking for a high-tech belt-slide (outside-the-waistband) holster for either open carry or concealed carry (CCW). It’s called the CQC SERPA Holster, and it’s brought to you by Blackhawk Products Group, formerly Blackhawk Industries. The CQC SERPA Holster utilizes the SERPA Active Retention System. Unlike the Tactical ... Read More »

The Professional Real Performance Duty Holster from Tactical Design Labs (TDL)

by David Crane [email protected] Tactical Design Labs (TDL) was at TREXPO West 2004 introducing and demonstrating their unique LEO (law enforcement officer) duty holster, called "The Professional Real Performance Duty Holster". What sets The Professional Real Performance Duty Holster apart from other duty holsters is its unique (and I’m assuming, patented) retention system that’s at once super-secure, yet still permissive ... Read More »

ATK/HK XM8 Carbine Feedback/Update and ‘Army Times’ XM8 Article Archive.

by David Crane [email protected] DefRev’s recent article, "GDATP XM307/XUV OCSW Video, ATK/HK XM29/OICW, HK XM8, and Metal Storm" contains an email communication in which I discuss some of my views on the ATK/HK XM8 "Lightweight Modular Carbine System" (LMCS) . We also recently published an update on the ATK/HK XM8 Lightweight Modular Carbine System (LMCS) titled "U.S. Army Requests Additional ... Read More »

High-Tech Spray-On Armor for Vehicles and Buildings Continued…

by David Crane [email protected] DefRev’s previous article on Spray-On Elastomeric Polymer Armor was titled "U.S. Military Testing Spray-On Polymer Armor". The spray-on polymer armor is being used to reinforce evertything from Humvees to Government buildings against both ballistic and explosive threats. In that story, we didn’t include the name of the company that is applying the polymer armor coating because ... Read More »

How Are U.S. Infantry Weapons/Small Arms Performing in Iraq? After-Action Report

by David Crane [email protected] One of DefRev’s close contacts in the Mil/LE tactical training community just called our attention to this document. It’s an after-action report on/assessment of U.S. infantry small arms performance during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). The Soldier Weapons Assessment Team’s report focused on "current state of weapons, ammunition and accessories directly managed by PMSW: M9 Pistol to ... Read More »