Friday, June 21, 2019
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Advanced Ergonomic Carbine Stocks for Your AR-15/M16-based Carbine/Subcarbine.

Speaking of "S.W.A.T. Magazine", Pat Rogers (a.k.a. Patrick A. Rogers) wrote an excellent and highly informative article titled "Ergonomic Carbine Stocks: New Choices for the Serious Shooter" in the December 2003 issue about three high-end buttstock systems (2 collapsible/telescoping, 1 fixed) for for AR-15/M16-based carbines, i.e. the M4 Carbine. They are the SULLY Stock, VLTOR Modstock (both Standard and Clubfoot), ... Read More »

Rock River Arms (RRA) DEA/FBI Tactical Carbine (Pre-Ban/NFA Config)

The March 2004 issue of "S.W.A.T. Magazine" has an interesting article written by Denny Hansen. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and FBI have apparently chosen a new semi-auto-only tactical carbine, which appears to be a highly accessorized, and perhaps slightly modified, Rock River Arms (RRA) Tactical CAR-A4 carbine. The RRA DEA/FBI semi-auto-only tactical carbine will feature a 14.25" chrome-lined 1:9 ... Read More »

Sciax Wolf Pack Tactical Remote Viewing System (TRVS-1) for Remote Viewing the Badguys During LE SWAT Operations

By Mario Martinez Jr., HRT Training Corp Inc. As a 24-year veteran of tactical law enforcement and training consultant for federal and state law enforcement agencies. I have had the chance to test and evaluate hundreds of products for vendors worldwide. My training company has trained members from US Marshal Service, FBI SWAT, US Customs SRT, Ft. Benning SRT, Ft. ... Read More »

‘Warp-10’ LED Photon Energy Device Accelerates Wound Healing for Soldiers.

by David Crane [email protected] This one is right out of Star Trek. Imagine if little flashes of light could heal what ails you. Well, guess what? They apparently can! It’s called the "Warp-10", and this futuristic LED (Light-Emitting Diode) device is already in use with the U.S. military. U.S. Navy nuclear submarine personnel, U.S. Navy SEAL’s, and U.S. Army Special ... Read More »

HKM4: Heckler and Koch Enters the M4 Carbine/CQB Subcarbine Arena.

I’m sure everyone has been following this since the first images from Shot Show were revealed, but for those of you suffering from internet-withdrawal, go to H&K USA’s HKM4 page to check out the long-rumored HKM4 carbine/CQB subcarbine. Additional HKM4 images/info can be found in… forum threads such as – Shot Show 04 – HK M4 (Large Pic files), ... Read More »

Hogue Avenger™ System: Fixed Barrel Replacement Upper for 1911 Pistols.

This one’s interesting. Brought to you by the fine people at Hogue grips, the Avenger™ system/kit, a fixed barrel upper (slide, barrel, and associated parts) for 1911 pistols, is a patents-pending system that eliminates the need for precision fitting a conventional 1911 slide and barrel. You can read all about the… Hogue Avenger™ system by clicking on this link. We’ll ... Read More »

Springfield Armory XD (X-Treme Duty) Pistols

by David Crane [email protected] Speaking of compact and subcompact pistols (see story below), DefRev also has yet to run the XD (X-treme Duty) pistols by Springfield Armory. The two models we’re most interested in evaluating are the 4 inch service model XD pistol and the 3 inch Sub-Compact XD pistol. The 3" subcompact XD pistol might actually be the most ... Read More »

CZ P-01 Compact and CZ 2075 RAMI Subcompact Pistols

If you’re a fan of the CZ-75 pistol, you might want to take a look at the new CZ P-01 pistol that was designed for the Czech national police. Instead of the CZ-75’s 1911-style frame-mounted sweep-down manual thumb safety, the CZ P-01 utilizes a frame-mounted manual decocker. "Guns & Ammo" recently published this article on the CZ P-01 pistol. It’s ... Read More »

CRKT Hissatsu Combat/Tactical Tanto Knife: A Japanese-Style Solution for Modern Spec-Ops/Tactical CQB Problems.

by David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com February 7, 2004 Last updated on 10/23/12. Some of you may remember the original “Hissatsu” that was manufactured for and marketed by Ancient Edge/Bugei Trading Co. in very limited numbers several years ago. Well, it’s back. Once again, it’s brought to us (in slightly modified form) by Ancient Edge/Bugei Trading Co., only ... Read More »