Friday, September 13, 2019
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Is There a Problem with Taurus’ PT Millenium Series Autos?

Taurus was recently honored at the 2002 SHOT Show with the title of Manufacturer of the Year. Normally I would agree with honor as Taurus has seemingly come a long way, and is well know for the best customer service in the industry. However there is a little issue that is growing that threatens Taurus if Taurus doesn’t do something ... Read More »

New SA-80 A2 Infantry Rifle.

Well, everyone knows that the SA-80 infantry rifle has been a total disaster for the British Armed forces. Basically, the British took a proven design, the AR-18, and modified it until it no longer worked. Amazingly, they then went about distributing the SA-80 to their main line troops. Well, after dealing with years of whining and complaining by disgruntled soldiers, ... Read More »

Whatever Happened to Steyr?

It’s unfortunate that the great Steyr company got evicted from their factory in the firstplace. However, what your humble editor finds particularly reprehensible is the lack of information that the company has put out regarding its future status and return to operation. There’s been equal silence on the topic of Steyr’s representation here in the U.S. GSI appears to no ... Read More »

PK-Series Machine Gun Gets Product-Improved.

The PK(Pulemet Kalashnikova) machine gun has been the standard Eastern Bloc 7.62mm machine gun since 1961. The upgraded PK machine gun, manufactured by Tznitochmash of Klimovsk, has been designated as the 6P41 Pecheneg. The 6P41 has reportedly already seen action in Chechnya, which is not exactly known as a fun place. Apparently, the upgrade consists of a new heavy barrel ... Read More »

Nice Jacket….Nice Gun!

Just the other day I was wondering about how to carry my gun in cold weather but without my jacket getting in the way when reaching for my gun. Then I ran into this site and my cold carry worries are all gone now. Enjoy! Read More »

Announcement: NLETA Offers Free E-Mail Newsletter.

The following is an announcement submitted by NLETA director Bryan Cox, who is one of our members: "The National Law Enforcement Trainers Association has launched thier free E-mail Newsletter. You do not have to be a member of the NLETA to sign up to receive law enforcement training announcements, articles, product reviews and other items of interest to law enforcement ... Read More »