Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Announcement: NLETA Offers Free E-Mail Newsletter.

The following is an announcement submitted by NLETA director Bryan Cox, who is one of our members: "The National Law Enforcement Trainers Association has launched thier free E-mail Newsletter. You do not have to be a member of the NLETA to sign up to receive law enforcement training announcements, articles, product reviews and other items of interest to law enforcement ... Read More »

Magpul Industries Corp. Introduces the MSS(Modular Stock System) at Shot Show.

Ya’ just gotta’ give it up to someone that can invent a better mousetrap. Rich Fitzpatrick of Magpul Industries Corp. appears to have done just that. Fitzpatrick is an ex-Marine who’s never much liked the M4′ carbine’s collapsible buttstock. He’s always felt it’s a bit too flimsy, doesn’t offer quite enough adjustment, and generally sucks ergonomically, thus providing a less-than-ideal ... Read More »

Press Release:

One of DefRev’s own(members, that is) has a new book out called "Combative Fundamentals, An Unconventional Approach". The author’s name is Jeff Gonzales. Jeff is an ex-Navy SEAL(Team 4), and now runs his own tactical training school, called "Trident Concepts Research Group", out of Prescott, Arizona. Here’s what the official press release says about the book: "Jeff Gonzales takes you ... Read More »

Trijicon Introduces the TriPower Tactical Sight and TA55 ACOG Riflescope.

Bill Taggart, Director of Federal and Military Sales for Trijicon, showed me two brand new optical sights that really blew me away. Let’s get to the “TriPower” first. This is a brand new tactical "red dot" optical sight that is just extremely cool. Called the "Tripower", it’s the first triple-iluminated sight. Having handled one of these at Trijicon’s booth at ... Read More »

Prototype Factory Combat Light for Glocks Shown at Shot Show 2002.

One of Glock’s representatives was kind enough to show and demonstrate a prototype for a new frame-mounted combat light that’s pretty sweet, and will probably cause Glock users to fall all over themselves, and each other, to get one. The unit simply snaps right onto the 3rd Generation light-mounting rails. When the operator needs to remove it he/she can snap ... Read More »

Is Beretta Making Politically Correct Handguns?

by David Crane No, I’m not talking about guns like that ridiculous "Smartgun" Smith & Wesson has been working on to satisfy the anti-gun fringe extremists. I’m talking about what could very well become a disturbing trend that, unfortunately, could also end up growing very quickly. It seems that gunmakers, in an attempt to cater to, how shall I say ... Read More »

FN Herstal Introduces

As I sat there listening to Rick Demilt, Director of Law Enforcement Sales and Marketing for FN Herstal USA, at the company’s corporate presentation at Shot Show 2002, I immediately realized that FN Herstal is on an absolute warpath to literally take over the law enforcement and military markets of the free world. This is not an exaggeration. The company’s ... Read More »