Friday, September 13, 2019
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Firearms Training Manual

The May/June issue of Police Marksman has an article by Rich Grassi on the MLEFI&AA firearms training manual. The 2 year project contains 200 courses of fire for all types of police service weapons and has 400+ pages. The courses were submitted from various police firearms instructors from across the country. L.E. agencies from 50 states including 30+ state or ... Read More »

Dawson Precision’s New Tactical Advantage 1911 Pistol

Dave Dawson is primarily known for the competition guns he builds for Todd Jarrett. Well, Dave has now come out with what he calls the "Tactical Advantage" pistol. The "Tactical Advantage" is a custom 1911 single-stack defense gun that can also incorporate Dawson’s new "light speed" rail system for mounting a light/laser unit underneath the dust cover. We’ve heard that ... Read More »

New Goodies from Microtech Knives.

Microtech has a couple of interesting new things for us. First, they’ve just come out with the “Amphibian”. DefRev’s seen a number of photos of the knife, and it looks very interesting. DefRev does not know if the second item is available yet or not. It’s called the “Ultratech”. It’s a hight tech out-the-front auto. To get the specs on ... Read More »

Recoil on that Combat Shotgun too Much for Ya’? It’s Time for the COPstock.

by David Crane [email protected] The COPstock Folder by Knoxx Industries was designed for law enforcement and, according to the manufacturer, reduces recoil by up to 60%. It reportedly also tames muzzle flip, allowing for faster follow-up shots. The unit incorporates an over-folding wire stock and vertical grip that’s covered by a Hogue Hand-All grip sleeve. The pistol grip contains the ... Read More »

Have Submachineguns become Obsolete? Enter the .300 Whisper.

The answer to the special operations community’s prayers may exist in the .300 Whisper cartridge by SSK Industries. Invented by J.D. Jones, the .300 Whisper utilizes a very heavy .30 caliber rifle round combined with a shortened case. According to Mr. Jones, "the 300 WHISPER was designed for the purpose of firing extremely heavy, accurate, ballistically efficient bullets at sub-sonic ... Read More »

Is This the Most Adanced Gun Cleaning System in the World?

DefRev has stumbled upon a pretty neat weapons cleaning system. It’s made by Otis Products, Inc., and is supposed to be the most advanced cleaning system available. From what we’ve read about it, the system looks to be very fast to use. We’re hoping to get our hands on one of the kits soon, so we can test it out ... Read More »

Interested in Luger Pistols? You Might Want to Read This.

We are very proud to announce you our third E-book relating the Luger pistol. No doubt it is a document that will greatly improve your knowledge on the subject. Today, on the Web , E-books on firearms quite rare. Here is a place where that fact is contradicted : CLICK HERE Content of our E-book: A brief look at the ... Read More »