Thursday, August 28, 2014
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New ‘Pathfinder’ Fixed-Blade Tactical/Survival Knife by Hayes Knives

Wally Hayes, of Hayes Knives, has just come out with the first tactical/survival fixed blade knife featuring an integral red led light that’s built right into the handle. It’s called the "Pathfinder". The led light on the Pathfinder is activated by pushing a button on the handle. Wally added the red led so… the operator can use read maps and ... Read More »

Japanese-Style Tactical Fixed Blades for Spec-Ops and CCW.

by David Crane Whether you’re a military Spec-Ops operator, LE SWAT operator, or armed citizen, a good tactical knife is an important item to have as back up to your firearm(s). Japanese-style tactical fixed blades have become increasingly popular in the last several years with members of all three groups. DefRev would like to highlight several custom bladesmiths and blades ... Read More »