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Dillon Aero M134D and M134D-T Gatling Guns: Peace Through Firepower Superiority

by David Crane [email protected] This article contains DefenseReview’s interview with the R&D element of Dillon Aero, Inc. on the M134D Gatling Gun/Minigun. September 25, 2006 DefenseReview first mentioned the Dillon Aero M134D Gatling Gun a.k.a. M134D MiniGun in our September 2005 article on the BSC AGSS II helicopter gunner simulator, after we saw both systems (M134D and AGSS II) at ... Read More »

AGSS II Helo Gunner Simulator: Super-Realism for More Enemy Kills in Battle

by David Crane [email protected] This article was published on Sept. 8, 2005. The Advanced Gunner Scanner Simulator II a.k.a. Aerial Gunner Scanner Simulator II system discussed in this article has since been renamed. It is now designated the Advanced Generation Simulator System II (AGSS II). As a door gunner in a MH-60K Black Hawk (U.S. Army) or MH-60R Sea Hawk ... Read More »