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High-Tech Spray-On Armor for Vehicles and Buildings Continued…

by David Crane DefRev’s previous article on Spray-On Elastomeric Polymer Armor was titled "U.S. Military Testing Spray-On Polymer Armor". The spray-on polymer armor is being used to reinforce evertything from Humvees to Government buildings against both ballistic and explosive threats. In that story, we didn’t include the name of the company that is applying the polymer armor coating because ... Read More »

Dragon Skin Flexible Scalar Body Armor Defeats Rifle Threats

by David Crane May 27, 2004 This article was modified/updated on 12/16/04. Pinnacle Armor Inc., out of Fresno, California, is currently producing some of the most advanced hard and soft ballistic armor solutions in the world. This includes Pinnacle’s flexible hard armor systems, which employ a combination of highly advanced ballistic ceramic composite and titanium composite technology and ballistic ... Read More »


by Noah Shactman The U.S. Army is betting $92 billion that the wars of the future should be fought with smaller, lighter, more manueverable vehicles. But some military officials and defense contractor executives are saying that that these technology-laden Future Combat Systems (FCS) are too weak to withstand urban conflicts, like the one currently playing out in Iraq. Like the ... Read More »

Line of Sight Anti-Tank (LOSAT) Weapon System. Tank Hunter Supreme.

by David Crane There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s called LOSAT. Brought to you by the good and enterprising people at Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control, LOSAT is one of a new group of anti-tank weapon systems that is quickly changing the face of the modern battlefield, specifically in the area of ground-to-ground combat. Here’s my prediction ... Read More »