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Infrared/Night Vision Fusion HMD Developed for Future Force Warrior (FFW)

by David Crane defrev at All photographic images contained in this article were taken by, and they are the exclusive property of owns the copyright on these photos. All photos were shot with a 7.2-megapixel Sony Cyber-shot digital camera (Model #: DSC-P150). Article updated on 1/09/08. August 21, 2007 These days, when it comes to thermal/IR ... Read More »

Rabintex to Supply R-ACH Ballistic Combat Helmets to U.S. Military

by David Crane [email protected] Speaking of interesting articles, DefenseReview recently received a mention on Israel21c in David Brinn’s article (8th paragraph) on the Rabintex R-ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet) ballistic helmet (1,400 grams) which is designed to protect the wearer from fragmentation. Mr. Brinn also quoted me in the piece (8th paragraph). Several years ago, DefenseReview published an article on the ... Read More »

Rabintex Knightex Body Armor/Ballistic Armor: Goodbye Zylon, Hello Knightex?

by David Crane [email protected] Awhile back, DefRev published a story on the Rabintex Attack Helmet, which is currently the lightest IIIa rated combat/tactical helmet in the world. The Attack Helmet is just one example of Israeli technological innovation of late with regard to products with military Spec-Ops and LE SWAT applications. Well, Rabintex is back, this time with a body ... Read More »

New ‘Attack’ Helmet by Rabintex Industries Ltd.–Lightest IIIa Ballistic Helmet

by David Crane defrev at August 18, 2003 The Rabintex ‘Attack’ helmet is currently being distributed and marketed in the U.S. by the‘Tactical’ division of Protech Armored Products, which is an Armor Holdings company. At 1.92 lbs (in size ‘Medium’), the new ‘Attack’ helmet by Rabintex Industries Ltd. of Israel is, according to the company, "the lightest IIIA helmet ... Read More »