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Smith & Wesson M&P45 and Glock 21SF .45 ACP Pistols at NDIA Small Arms Symposium

by David Crane [email protected] Speaking of NDIA Small Arms Symposium 2007, DefenseReview also got to test-fire two of the latest "tactical plastic" (i.e. polymer) .45 ACP pistols, the Glock 21SF (G21SF) and the Smith & Wesson M&P45. Both weapons were very comfortable to handle and shoot, but we had some trouple hitting steel pepper poppers initially with the Glock 21 ... Read More »

Piasecki X-49A Speeedhawk Compound Helicopter: 250-mph Black Hawk?

by David Crane [email protected] October 22, 2007 Piasecki Aircraft Corp. (PAC) has designed and developed a compound helicopter called the X-49A Speedhawk, which utilizes a Sikorsky YSH-60F Seahawk helicopter as the base airframe. The Seahawk is a marine version of the UH-60 Black Hawk heliocopter series. The Speedhawk’s “compound” aspect is comprised of wings for additional lift and a vectored-thrust ... Read More »

FERFRANS FAS (Fast Acquisition Sight) HUD-Style Red Dot Sight/Combat Optic for Urban Warfare Applications

By David Crane [email protected] October 18, 2007 While we’re on the subject of MOUT / urban warfare tactics a.k.a. urban combat tactics, DefenseReview was recently sent information on a new combat optic (optical sight) being introduced by FERFRANS Specialties for tactical / urban warfare applications. DefRev readers might remember the piece we published on the SOPMOD M4/M4A1 CQBR-type FERFRANS SOAR ... Read More »

‘Intelligent’ Video Surveillance/Security Going City-Wide in Chicago

by David Crane defrev at It looks like Chicago is soon going to have the most advanced city-wide intelligent video surveillance system (i.e. intelligent security system) in the United States. The Associated Press is reporting that the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) is teaming up with IBM and Genetec on the project, which is ... Read More »

‘Airborne Armour’: An Important Book on Air-Mechanized Maneuver Warfare

A Review by Air-Mech-Strike Study Group (AMS-SG). The following review is exclusive to DefenseReview. 9/27/07 Airborne Armour is a must-have book for understanding Airborne 3D maneuver operations, period. Flint is a superb researcher and writer and this book is a masterpiece. However, Keith Flint is also at times the typical whiny, turret tank dueler where every tracked tank is never ... Read More »

Throwable Armor-Piercing Grenades: Latest Al Qaeda Threat in Iraq?

by David Crane defrev at As if mines/IEDs, EFPs and RPGs aren’t enough, now there’s armor-piercing grenades a.k.a. armor-penetrating grenades. According to a recent CBS News article, this is the latest lethal threat (explosives threat) to U.S. troops in Iraq. The grenades, being employed/deployed by Al Qaeda forces (specifically they’re self-named “Thermal Brigade” force), look like the old stick ... Read More »

NRI AutoCopter Hyper-Lethal Armed Mini Robotic Attack Helicopter/Gunship with Turbine Engine Debuts

by David Crane defrev at This article may be modified/updated with new information in the coming days, so readers might want to check back in (to this article) over the next week. August 15, 2007 In late February 2006, DefenseReview broke the story on a developmental (but functional) prototype remote-controlled armed/weaponized semi-autonomous/fully-autonomous unmanned mini-helicopter called the AutoCopter Gunship, which ... Read More »

Affordable Audio and Video Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Tech: Part One

by David Crane david at Covert surveillance and counter-surveillance technology technologies are an important component in the global war on terror. In in order to keep up with these technologies, DefenseReview reads a number of web and print publications that deal with this high-tech security technology sector. One of the print publications we read is Eye Spy intelligence magazine, ... Read More »