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Veritas Tactical MK-IV Rifle and VT-P8 Pistol: .68 Cal. Less-Lethal Weapons

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by David Crane

defrev at gmail dot com

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February 18, 2008

While we were walking through the tents at SHOT Show 2008, we ran into the boys at Veritas Tactical, who have som cool less-lethal weapons and ammo. Essentially, the Veritas weapons are advanced paintball guns for forc-on-force/tactical training and less-lethal operations (subject control, crowd control, etc.). First up is their MK-IV .68 Cal. rifle/carbine, which is designed to mimic the M4 Carbine in size and feel. It even breaks down for maintenance in similar fashion.

The MK-IV’s box mag can hold…

15 rounds of the .68-Cal. ball projectiles, including Live Round Projectiles (contain PAVA powder), Inert Projectiles, Clear Gel Projectiles, Rubber Projectiles, and Glass Breaker Projectiles. With the MK-IV rifle, the shooter can engage point targets at distances up to 50 meters away, and area targets out to 100 meters.

Veritas Tactical’s Michael Ragan stated that muzzle velocity out of the MK-IV is over 400 fps, but we’re not sure about the exact velocities out of this weapon. We’ll try to find out.

Veritas Tactical also has a .68-Caliber less-lethal pistol called the VT-P8, which holds 8 rounds, and is also supposed to fire at a muzzle velocity of 400+ FPS. With the VT-P8 pistol, the operator can engange point targets out to 25 meters and area targets out to 50 meters.

Company Contact Info:

Michael Ragan
Veritas Tactical
10855 Dover Street, Suite 1000
Westminster, CO 80021
866-929-8822 Toll Free
303-952-3450 Office
303-439-0414 Fax
[email protected] Email

Additional Photos:

Veritas Tactical MK-IV Rifle and VT-P8 Pistol: .68 Cal. Less-Lethal Weapons by

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