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David Crane started publishing online in 2001. Since that time, governments, military organizations, Special Operators (i.e. professional trigger pullers), agencies, and civilian tactical shooters the world over have come to depend on Defense Review as the authoritative source of news and information on "the latest and greatest" in the field of military defense and tactical technology and hardware, including tactical firearms, ammunition, equipment, gear, and training.

MK47 Striker ALGL (Advanced Lightweight Grenade Launcher): 40mm of the Future?

by David Crane [email protected] The MK 47 MOD 0 ‘Striker’ 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG)/Advanced Lightweight Grenade Launcher (ALGL), manufactured by GDATP (General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products), is set to replace the aging MK19 grenade launchers in the U.S. Army’s and USMC’s arenals. The GDATP MK47 MOD 0 Striker 40mm GMG/ALGL is currently under development by NSWC (Naval Surface …

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The Ultimate Defense Band: Turn Your Wristwatch into a Defensive Weapon

by David Crane [email protected] It’s pretty much common knowledge that we’re primarily gun guys here at DefRev. However, this one’s a nifty little item. It was just brought to our attention by Chuck Habermehl. Chuck runs Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Inc. (the name is self explanatory), and he is an expert in both armed and unarmed (hand-to-hand/hand-to-weapon) combat. "The Ultimate …

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ATG introduces the Homeland Defense Interceptor (HDI)

Aviation Technology Group, Inc. (ATG) has introduced their concept for a small, lighweight, and cheap fighter/interceptor alternative to the F16 fighter for the Homeland Defense role. It’s called the Homeland Defense Interceptor (HDI), and it’s a nifty little concept. According to ATG literature: "The Javelin Interceptor, or “Homeland Defense Interceptor,” (HDI) will provide a high performance economic interceptor, CAP and …

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Laser Devices, Inc. (LDI) Introduces Dual Beam Aiming Laser-Intelligent (DBAL-I)

The following press release just came in to us from Laser Devices, Inc. (LDI): "LASER DEVICES INTRODUCES DUAL BEAM AIMING LASER-INTELLIGENT (DBAL-I) SYSTEM Next Generation Dual Beam Tactical and Training System Combines Infrared and Daytime Aiming Lasers with Infrared Illuminators in a Compact, Reliable and Waterproof Unit. Monterey, California, March 8, 2004 (IWA SHOW 2004 – HALL 5, STAND 219)― …

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Garmin Rino 130 GPS-Integrated FRS/GMRS Radio

by David Crane [email protected] Saw this one on a show about forest firefighters, and thought it might make a workable and inexpensive back-up/alternative for U.S. military Special Operations forces if their primary GPS (Global Positioning System) and/or radio went down. Of course, the unit would have to be customized/modified for these units to provide secure channels with scrambling for that …

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HK XM8 Lightweight Assault Carbine/Subcarbine: New Pics and Info.

Heckler & Koch (HK) has released more photos of the ATK/HK XM8 being demonstrated at SHOT Show 2004 by Jim Schatz of HK Military Programs. Click on "Read More" hypertext below to view them. Here’s the link: http://www.hk-usa.com/corporate/media/special_events/shotshowdemo2004.html. Click here to go to the main XM8 page. This page contains lots of great info/materials on the HK XM8. We recommend …

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