Wednesday, September 30, 2020

FN SCAR/SOFCAR Program Winner Pic!

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by David Crane
[email protected]

DefenseReview received a pic of the FN SCAR-Light (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle-Light), a.k.a. FN SCAR-L/SOFCAR-L candidate/competition winner on 12/01/04. I’ve been travelling and busy with other things (Army Science Conference and SWAT Round-Up), so I didn’t post the pic right away. John Carney, of Excalibur Arms, also received the pic from our (mutual) source–apparently, on the same day–and has already posted the pic on his site and at

Here are the links to pics of the FN SCAR-Light (FN SCAR-L/SOFCAR-L) winning candidate:…


FN SCAR-L/SOFCAR-L Pic at Excalibur Arms


FN SCAR/SOFCAR Program Winner Pic! by

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