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Screw Politics and Theories. This is Personal: An Argument for an Armed Citizenry and Concealed Carry (CCW) of Defensive/Tactical Pistols

Screw Politics and Theories. This is Personal: An Argument for an Armed Citizenry and Concealed Carry (CCW) of Defensive/Tactical Pistols

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By Tim Schmidt
United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Founder

Image Credit: ITV News, London

May 24, 2013

Earlier this week, two islamic terrorists in London brutally attacked and murdered a serving British soldier with butcher knives and meat cleavers. This attack was a gruesome nightmare that no one thought would happen in broad daylight in downtown London.

Regardless of the fact that this happened in another nation, I'm horrified that someone would want to do this at all, let alone to a patriotic soldier. While I wish it hadn't happened at all, I also believe this can teach us a valuable lesson.

Murderous psychos are everywhere, and no kind of law will stop them.

There were dozens, if not hundreds of people nearby when the attack happened in broad daylight, yet no concealed carry permit holders in the area. Why? Because England forbids their law-abiding citizens the right to protect themselves and others with a gun.

There is no way to say with certainty that this brutal murder wouldn't have happened if England allowed guns, but one thing is absolutely certain: No one there was able to defend themselves or others from these men.

After the murder, one of the blood-drenched men who committed the act came up to a camera with his knives in hand and spoke to the camera for a few minutes. All this time, the police had still not arrived. These psychos had many minutes to do whatever they wished, and all the people in the area were in danger while they waited for the police. Thankfully, no other bystanders were hurt, but the potential for further violence was extremely high.

It's events like this that remind me of how thankful I am that we are able to prepare and equip ourselves to protect our loved ones from harm. Taking our rights for granted will only lead to more potential danger for our communities, and I for one am not willing to give violent criminals any sort of advantage over innocent citizens.

When crimes like this occur, it underscores a black-and-white truth: The battle for our rights is not legal, political or even philosophical. It's personal.

Unless we take our natural born rights personally, we are just as likely to experience what the citizens of London have had to experience: Helplessness. And I refuse to be helpless.

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Screw Politics and Theories. This is Personal: An Argument for an Armed Citizenry and Concealed Carry (CCW) of Defensive/Tactical Pistols by
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  1. I agree. But it is also a good thing that these two guys didn’t have some assault rifles with them, so it could have ended up like Newtown. Right to bear arms goes both ways.

  2. I agree with Henry. Tim, did it ever occur to you that people in London had more access to guns, these wackos would have probably killed many more innocent people? Having an armed populace sure as hell doesn’t stop mass shootings in America, so I really don’t see where this is coming from.

    • It is a fact that every shooting happened in a Gun Free Zone, a place where Federal Law prohibits the honest to carry weapons. Every mass shooting (including military bases, which are also gun free zones) but the one in Tucson.
      The guy who shot people at the Batman movie could choose among 5 theatres at that hour, and he did not choose the nearest to his home. He chose the only one who prohibited people to carry guns.

    • but if we ALL had the right to bear arms , sure he could have had an “assault weapon” but what about all the people in the crowd who are legally able to be armed, and now play it out in your head any way you want, it ends up with an armed citizen or several handling the situation.

  3. As an Englishman I find it utterly disrespectful that you are using this tragic event for your own political gains.

    The incident began by the scum hitting Drummer Rigby with a car, when they got out, passers-by thought that they were checking on his condition. Having everyone carrying sidearms would have made no difference to this out come. Police were on seen within minutes however, health and safety bullshit meant that they stayed clear until armed response were on scene. Pre-H&S the first officer on scene would have twatted the scum with his truncheon.

    • Sir, unlike antigunners, we don’t have a political agenda at all.
      We just want civil rights and we want the Government to respect us.
      As a fellow european (and I truly hope someday the European Union will not be the messy bureaucratic club it is today, you have every right to be suspicious about it), I can tell you, this could happen in every part of europe, even in my state where very few people can carry guns for self defense. But it would be unlikely to happen if the crowd had the the opportunity to defend themselves or other people.
      It is forbidden to carry weapons, yet, as we have see, criminals don’t respect laws so legislator are putting us at risk rather than protecting us.
      You can only prohibit to carry weapons to the honest and the people who abide the law and who don’t harm anybody. If somebody is willing to kill people he will not care about laws.
      That’s a fact Sir, and there is no way you can deny it. If you don’t like guns or weapons you have every right not to possess or carry them but you can’t deny this right to other citizens who feel the need to protect themselves.
      By the way, my country has less than half your homicide rate (and not to mention other violent crimes, where the situation is much much worse) and we can own everything but machineguns. Gun laws don’t work.

    • Excellent reply….

  4. Sheeple proud of there unarmed status. Pray it doesnt happen here.

  5. One thing we can agree on is that these people ARE scum. As David stated, almost every mass shooting happens in a gun-free zone. This scum doesn’t want to face a armed citizen. They are cowards and often stand down and run when faced with armed opposition. I believe in everyones freedom to choose whether to carry or not, but don’t try to take the right from others because you choose to remain unarmed. Remember, “when seconds count the police are minutes away”.

  6. “Glad that these guys didn’t have assault rifles”

    – you could have achieved a similar effect with carrying multiple Glocks.

    Right to bear arms goes both ways – but the damage done can be decreased if The State decided not to infringe upon the right AT ALL and allow for everyone who wishes to exercise that right to have all the assistance they need to get proper training to stop any idiot wanting to harm innocent lives.

    Think about it – there’s a right to vote – but in order to exercise it properly, you need to be an informed citizen – which is why there’s compulsory education as well as so many progressive efforts to extend education to all (whether it be affirmative action – agree with it or not, scholarships, vouchers, etc) so that everyone can have the best say for the State.

    Rights are not without responsibilities though – and if all the money we wasted on the War on Drugs and expansionist military policies could be diverted to helping citizens be properly trained as well as cutting to the root of why people go nuts – we’d all be in a better place.

  7. Oh, and looking back into the history, with the subway bombings and the Boston bombings – you CLEARLY do not only need an assault rifle/the bullshit “assault weapon” term to murder innocents.

  8. What do you mean ‘sheeple’ (that pathetic, childish word again) and ‘proud’ of our unarmed status in the UK? Very sad that one of our soldiers was murdered but unlike the vast numbers of murders seen in the US each year when armed lunatics go on the rampage in schools and theaters. What happened with the brave CCW carriers in the Aurora attacks? Did they save the cinema goers. No.Because they weren’t there were they? And if they had been, dozens of wannabe cowboys shooting up a cinema in the dark? God forbid. Nobody is that well trained in the US. Trust me.The UK is a more gentle land by far when compared to the US with your gung ho, paranoid fixation with weapons and ‘tactical’ stuff. You’ve never really matured. Don’t kid yourselves that you would have done ANYTHING against these madmen. The 2nd Amendment – the right for any camouflaged halfwit to shoot the crap out of anyone if he’s had a bad day. I actually have a weapon now, BECAUSE I live in your crazy country. But do NOT badmouth the Brits because we prefer to live without the constant fear of a neighbour going loony or a crazy bastard shooting up some school. It has happened but we aren’t normally like that in the UK. Look at the piece of crap that did the murder A muslim fundamentalist born in Britain .THAT’s the problem. Years of letting their scumbag preachers in and allowing them to spread hate. Oh surprise, surprise on my TV as I write, ANOTHER (daily) report of a shooting in the Orlando area. Bit ‘sheeple-ish’ eh? Keep shooting each other like that?

  9. Oh and you spelt ‘their’ wrong….

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