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UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun: High-Capacity (14+1) Bullpup Dual-Feed Pump-Action Tactical/Combat Shotgun (2.75″ and 3″ Magnum 12-Gauge) is Neostead Shotgun Revisited and Modernized for 21st-Century CQB/CQC Gunfighting!

UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun: High-Capacity (14+1) Bullpup Dual-Feed Pump-Action Tactical/Combat Shotgun (2.75″ and 3″ Magnum 12-Gauge) is Neostead Shotgun Revisited and Modernized for 21st-Century CQB/CQC Gunfighting!

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

February 23, 2012

In the latest issue of Small Arms Defense Journal (SADJ) (Volume 4, Number 1) with an infantry soldier holding a FN M249 PARA/Minimi 5.56mm NATO SAW/LMG (Squad Automatic Weapon/Light Machine Gun) on the cover, there’s a short blurb on the UTAS UTS-15 high-capacity bullpup pump-action tactical/combat shotgun (2.75″ and 3″ Magnum 12-Gauge), which is reportedly a modified and modernized/updated Neostead Shotgun with a 15-round (14+1) ammo capacity designed for CQB/CQC (Close Quarters Battle/Close Quarters Combat) gunfighting/tactical shooting environments, although the UTS-15’s pump action is rearward-pull rather than the Neostead’s forward-push pump action. DefenseReview (DR) is a fan of the South African Neostead, so it’s nice to see someone modernizing/updating it. The UTS-15’s receiver housing does appear to make the weapon a bit bulkier than the Neostead, though.

The most interesting aspect of the UTAS-15 bullpup combat shotgun is the versatility of its feeding mechanism. The operator can manually select either magazine tube (7 rounds per tube) or automatically alternate between tubes. That’s a pretty cool feature. Another cool aspect of the weapon is that you can conduct a visual loaded-round count from the top of the weapon, as evidenced by the embedded range video below.

Defense Review also finds it interesting that the UTS-15’s designers/developers integrated a tactical white light (or what the company calls a “button-operated point-&-shoot spotlight”) into the lower receiver housing. DR assumes the mounting location is the front of the lower receiver housing directly below the barrel where that big hole is in the embedded photo of the muzzle section. Having just trained in low-light/no-light CQB/CQC gunfighting TTP (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) using Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) force-on-force marking cartridges/training ammo, DR is impressed that a Turkish weapons development team thought to include this feature, placing it precisely where one should place it.

However, it doesn’t look like the UTS-15’s tactical white light mounting system is modular. It’s important that it be modular in such a way that it allows you to mount any SureFire Weaponlight or top-grade American-made light. A front Picatinny rail mounting system would probably be better, provided it doesn’t interfere with operating the pump-action charging handle. If the integral white light mounting system doesn’t allow you to mount the light of your choice, you can alternatively mount it (tactical white light) on the top rail in front of the front back-up iron sight (front BUIS). We’d also like to be able to mount a vertical foregrip.

UTAS is reportedly looking to have the UTS-15 bullpup tactical shotgun manufactured in the United States in order to suppy the U.S. tacical shooting market. DefenseReview sincerely hopes that happens.

DR is curious as to how the UTAS UTS-15 BullPup Shotgun stacks up agains the Kel-Tec KSG 15-round (14+1) Bullpup Pump-Action Shotgun with regard to overall (OA) size, dry weight, ergonomics/usernomics, felt-recoil, reliability, accuracy and durability, since that’s the weapon the UTS-15 most resembles both operating system and configuration-wise. It would also be interesting to see how both the Kel-Tec KSG and UTAS UTS-15 pump-action shogtuns perform in CQB/CQC gunfighting scenarios versus the RAAC Akdal MKA 1919 semi-auto tactical AR shotgun (which DR recently T&E’d at SHOT Show 2012 during Media Day, and is also manufactured in Turkey) and Kushnapup Series V Bullpup Saiga Shotgun, respectively.

Also, will the all of these shotguns be capable of utilizing the updated FRAG-12 12-gauge AP (Armor-Piercing/Armor-Penetrating) grenade rounds like the MPS Auto Assault-12 (AA-12) full-auto shotgun? We don’t know.

UTAS UTS-15 High-Capacity Bullpup Pump-Action Shotgun Features and Specs (from UTAS website):

Caliber: 2.75″ and 3″ 12-Gauge (12ga)
Operation: Manual Pump-Action
Feeding Mechanism: Bullpup Configuration with Dual-Feed (Two Horizontal Magazine Tubes) Mechanism that allows the user to manually select feeding tube or automatically alternate between tubes with quick-loading ports, compressible magazine springs and shell counters.
Ammo Capacity: 15 Rounds (14+1)
Accessories Mounting: Full-Length Mil-Std-1913 “Picatinny” Top Rail System for combat optics, back-up iron sights (BUIS), tactical white lights or lasers
Sights: Quick-Detach Ghost Ring Rear and Flip-Up Front Back-Up Iron Sights (BUIS)
Overall Length: 27.8″
Weight (Dry/Empty): 7.2 lbs (approx.)
Finish: Matte Black Anti-Glare Finish on all polymer parts; Matt Black Chrome Anti-Corrosion Finish on all steel parts
Field Stripping: No tools required (45 seconds).

– Carbon fiber-reinforced magazine protectors with laser-etched shell-counter numbers
– Carbon fiber-reinforced receiver with integrated spring-loaded shell-feeding device and quick-removable hammer/sear fire-control housing
– Precision-machined 4140 steel housing with spring-loaded ejector
– Carbon fiber-reinforced flip-up stock comb/shell funnel
– Carbon fiber-reinforced buttplate with 0.5″ thick, 8-durometer (A-scale) energy-absorbing synthetic recoil pad
– Carbon fiber-reinforced bolt body (bolt carrier group/BCG?) with precision-machined 4140 steel, heat treated rotary bolt head with three locking lugs
– Precision-machined 4140 steel, heat treated barrel extension with three (3) locking lug mortises
– Precision-machined 4140 steel chrome-lined barrel with muzzle threaded to accept Beretta-style chokes
– Rifled spreader choke (to throw an 18″ pattern at 15′) with flash suppressor ventilation and strike bezel
– Carbon fiber-reinforced lower receiver housing with integrated button-operated point-&-shoot spotlight (tactical white light) and laser night sights
– Forward, rear and mid-point quick-detach sling swivel mounting points

UTAS UTS-15 High-Capacity Bullpup Pump-Action Shotgun Data Sheet

UTAS UTS-15 High-Capacity Bullpup Pump-Action Shotgun Catalog

Editor’s Note: also has a nice little piece on the UTS-15, so go check it out.

Company Contact Info:

UTAS MAKiNE iThe. iHR. SAN. ve TiC. LTD. STi. (Corporate Headquarters)
Caglayan Mah. Eski Lara Yolu
No: 351/1 07230 Antalya / Turkey
Phone: +90 242 323 37 37
Fax: +90 242 323 66 76
Email: [email protected]

UTAS MAKiNE iThe. iHR. SAN. ve TiC. LTD. STi. (Factory/Manufacturing)
Hamidiye Mah. 66 Sk. No: 4
47200 Beysehir/Konya/Turkey
Phone: +90 332 511 04 54
Fax: +90 332 512 61 13
Email: [email protected]

SureFire, LLC
18300 Mount Baldy Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Toll Free: 800-828-8809
Outside the US: 714-545-9444
Fax: 714-545-9537
Email: [email protected]

Small Arms Defense Journal (SADJ)
Chipotle Publishing LLC
Subscription Page:
Email: [email protected]

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UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun: High-Capacity (14+1) Bullpup Dual-Feed Pump-Action Tactical/Combat Shotgun (2.75″ and 3″ Magnum 12-Gauge) is Neostead Shotgun Revisited and Modernized for 21st-Century CQB/CQC Gunfighting! by
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  1. compare this with kel-tec shotgun, see which perform better

  2. Looks awesome! And I totally agree with “guest” –  this gun begs for a comparison with the KSG!

  3. Стёпин Алексей

    Скорострельность низкая даже в полицейских операциях. Автоматики перезарядки не хватает. Ведь энергии выстрела можно и на перезарядку автоматическую использовать.

  4. Well ….you can kiss those Shoulders good bye

  5. On the note about FRAG12, I’m not sure these would necessarily meet the same safety requirements the AA12 did. Because of the FRAG12’s explosive content the AA12 had to survive a blocked barrel test involving shooting 3 FRAG12 in a blocked barrel with below a threshold of shrapnel. The fact that the shells are stored in tubes puts them nose to end, as opposed to the AA12s drum, increasing the likelyhood of that off chance occurance of propegated detonations. That would likely require a safety variance from the appropriate Marine review board or simply impsose a manual load to fire or one-in-the-gun rule.

  6. It’s gonna come down to who can get their act together first and make them available.  Try getting your hands on a KSG right now…they’re few and far between.  Kel-Tec has drug their feet woefully making the KSGs available to the public so far.

  7. The KSG doesn’t come close to what the UTAS is even with the price deference.

  8. I was in my local gun store this weekend looking for a ksg when the salesman showed me the uts-15 and loved it. The best part is that it was $400 cheaper then the ksg which was a lil over $1500.

  9. For a full review and test of the UTAS-15 vist my website at

  10. I am hoping to track a UTAS down around my town.. My friend has the Kel-Tec and it’s nice but nearly impossible to find. And then if u do it’s been running as high as $1500 easily, higher in some cases. You can get ahold of the UTAS-15 online for about $999.00 with a little wait, but I have called a few other places online that list it and they have several instock. Loaded with sights and barrel extension, choke and flashlight/laser setup you can find for around $1500.

  11. I sent my utas-15 back. 50 years of shooting I never seen such a poorly constructed shotgun. Many of the parts are made of a soft fiber. The gun would only shoot 1/2 the time, many ejection and feeding issues. The chamber cover springs dig deep into your finger you don’t watch out. Only thing it’s good for is hanging on the wall. I wouldn’t get into a gun fight with it.

  12. Because of how the gun was made it was cheap but the quality & workmanship was superb. The pump-action shotgun with it’s automatic feeding is fine when your reloading. It’s design is very “tactical” and can load up the feeding tube up to 15 shots available on fire. This is a great shotgun for professional and sportsman alike.

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